Let’s jump right in and get to the good stuff.

Today I’ll show you how to make a basic Minky (Minkee) Dot blanket for your baby or toddler.  Minky Dot is a very soft plush fabric made of polyester that is ideal for a snuggly warm blankie.  It can be a tricky material to work with, however it is so soft and beautiful it is more than worth your time and effort.  You can find Minky Dot at most fabric stores, but beware: there are different qualities out there.  Try to find the thickest softest minky available.

1.  Choose your fabric

If your anything like me, this is the easiest and most enjoyable part of any sewing project.  Minky Dot comes in a large selection of colors.  After you’ve got your Minky you’ll need a second fabric for the back of the blanket.  Any sturdy, soft and washable  fabric will do.  The easiest would probably be a quilter’s cotton, but I love the look of faux furs, so I chose a Velboa giraffe print.

2. Cut your material

Minky Dot has a tendency to slip and stretch and move in ways you didn’t anticipate!  So cut carefully!  You can give yourself a little added insurance by cutting your Minky a tad bigger than your backing fabric.  About 1 inch on all sides should do it.  The actual dimensions of your fabric depends on the size you’d like your finished blanket to be.

3. Pin like you’ve never pinned before

Did I mention minky dot is more slippery than a greased wombat?  Well after extensive research into lubricated wombats I can assure that they’ve got nothing on Minky Dot.  So how do we conquer this fearsome foe?  Pins, pins, and more pins.  Lay your minky face up on a carpeted floor (the carpet keeps it from slipping as much).  Next place your backing fabric face down on top of the Minky.  Start by pinning the corners and middle of each side. Next place another pin in the middle of each of those sections.  Keep adding pins until your fabric begins attracting porcupines.  1 – 2 inches apart should be about right.

4. Start your engines

Its time to begin sewing!   Because you’ve taken the time to place your pins,  this step will be easy! Use the edge of your backing fabric as your guide and go slow!  Remember to remove your pins as you work.  You can use a serger for this step if you have one, but it is not necessary.  Remember to leave an opening so that you will be able to turn your blanket right side out.  About 6 inches should give you plenty of room.

5. Trim

Trim off any excess minky so that you won’t have a bulky finished product.

6. Turn

Turn you blanket right side out. Your almost done!

7. More Pinning…

Fold in the edges of your opening and carefully pin them in place.  You can use your iron to press the edges in if you used a cotton fabric.  Don’t iron faux furs as they will melt into a hard lump of plastic.  Not so cuddly.

8.  Topstitch

Your in the home stretch!  Now load thread into your machine that will match your fabrics.  I used pink for the top and brown for the bobbin.  Topstitch all the way around the perimeter of your blanket.  Make sure you are catching the folded in seam on the opening!  I like to use a simple zig zag stitch but you can use a straight stitch or decorative stitch if you prefer.  Don’t be discouraged if your stitching isn’t perfect…you little one will not care!  A warm and snuggly gift from mommy or grandmommy made with love is perfect, even with crooked stitches.

9. Give

Give your precious little one their stylish new blankie.

10. Share!

If you follow this tutorial please send me pictures!!!  I would love to see what you create. :)